Chris Preen Cape Town photographer


Chris is a Cape Town based photographer who picked up his first camera way back in the days of 35mm film photography. Since that day his passion for photography has accompanied him throughout his life. Chris is on his 10th camera now (4th SLR) and that fleeting moment of magic which a photographer experiences when they depress the shutter button is stronger than ever (in fact… he’s addicted to it…).

A few of the Companies and Institutions that have featured Chris’s work:

  • CNN International Special Projects
  • Lonely Planet
  • South African Tourism
  • Cape Town Tourism
  • Africa Geographic
  • Business Insider
  • Lifehacker
  • University of Washington
  • The Honolulu Sun
  • News24
  • The City of Cape Town
  • Fast Company
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Hampton’s Monthly


Accomplished in all genres of photography, Chris firmly believes that there is always more to learn about photography and describes himself as a lifetime “Student of Light”.

Chris is also the founder of South Africa’s leading professional online directories:¬† Find an Accountant;¬† Find an Attorney and Find an Advisor

Chris is assisted on assignments with by his wife, Michelle Preen, who also writes copy when jobs require it. Michelle is an environmentalist, published author and part-time photographer.